Toward a brighter future for people and planet Earth, M.Setek aims to be a "best partner" in the search for Energy and wisdom that is a step ahead.

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Mr. SJ Shieh


By now it is well known that behind the benefits and comforts of our technologically advancing society lurks the ongoing problem of pollution and environmental damage. It is even said that if this damage continues for sometime longer, our planet will no longer be able to sustain life.

M.Setek was among the first to take up the challenge of addressing such problems, ecologically through the provision of the monocrystal silicon wafers that are at the heart of clean-running photovoltaic energy systems. We also design and manufacture semiconductor fabrication equipment renowned for high precision and reliability, as well as develop technologies of, related processes many of which are based on environment-friendly techniques including the recycling of washing solutions and other materials. By continuing to expand our contributions in these and other fields worldwide, we endeavor to participate in addressing the clean energy needs for the next generations.

Through our diverse international business activities, we have built important close relations with other companies around the world, and we strive to maintain and strengthen these ties while at the same time forging bonds with new partners as well. And through kind of innovative thinking that only a compact, fast-on-its-feet company like M.Setek can muster, we are committed to apply our own unique combination of Energy and Wisdom as two keystones of a brighter future for planet Earth and all those who live on it.

M.Setek's global network
With overseas operational offices in Shanghai and Johannesburg, subsidiaries in Munich and the USA, and production facilities in Beijing and Ningjin, we strive to make M.Setek products, technologies, and know-how available around the world, wherever they are needed. From these bases of operation we import raw materials, export technical training, know-how and products, and also introduce new products to Japan from abroad, in these ways serving as a bridge between Japan and the world.

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